What mechanical engineers and plant operators need to know about gears

Technical Guide on Gears


Gears are among the most important components in a wide variety of industrial drive trains – from heavy industry, such as mining or the steel and energy sectors, to the food and textile industries: There are many different types of gears, some of which differ greatly in their characteristics. However, many mechanical engineers and plant operators are not gear experts. Nevertheless, they still have to decide which gear is to be installed in an application. Which factors are important in selecting the ideal gear? What are the different gear types and how do they differ? How are gears used in industrial applications technically designed? The Technical Guide provides a concise introduction to the complex subject of gears and offers basic technical knowledge on gear technology.

The Technical Guide answers the following questions:

  • What is a gear unit needed for?
  • What is its function?
  • What gear types are there and how do they differ?What are the most important technical features of the different gears?
  • Which factors determine the choice of gear type
  • What role do the gear stages play in gear unit efficiency?
  • What are the latest technical trends in gear development?

Who is the Technical Guide aimed at?

  • Engineers from machine and plant manufacturers who are looking for an overview of the various gear types and want to gain a better understanding of the technical basics of gear technology.
  • Buyers from machine manufacturers and plant operators who want to find out more about gears in general.
  • Interested parties who are looking for a summarized overview of important basics on the complex subject of gears.
  • Engineers who are not gear specialists, but have to deal with the subject professionally.
  • All those who want a basic, easy-to-understand introduction to the subject of gears without the long read.

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